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Virtues of socialism?

Dear Editor:

Webster defines capitalism as a system of production and distribution privately owned and managed. Socialism is defined as government ownership of the means of production. This does not mean just factories and equipment, land and resources but the labor force. Government owns you or at least your labor. Any takers?

Karl Marx (the chronically unemployed granddaddy of socialism) went further. He believed socialism was the natural course of events. The more people were controlled or “cared for” the weaker they would become desiring-needing more “care.” Dependency on the government-state is a goal and an outcome. Socialism has never elevated societies. Its attempts at equality drag most to the bottom, where we’re all equal. Miserable and dependent with no prospects, but equal.

Communism is socialism imposed by violence. Communists prefer to effect their socialist agenda by violence. Marx thought violence would be necessary. Lenin, Stalin, Mao and many more contemporary despots proved him right.

Socialists who protest that they are not communist as they do not advocate violence, are more insidious with the legislative, judicial and cultural encroachments on liberty.

Initiative, innovation, hard work, these are no longer valued even vilified. Individuality, perseverance, these things we promote in our children are relics of the past in socialist “we’ll take care of you” societies. But, we’re all equal? Capitalism or free enterprise encourages all to use their talents and initiative.

The Ebb and Flow considered by some a weakness of capitalism creates opportunity. There have been periods of great need (the Great Depressions and recessions) the Ebb. But unlike the perpetual need in socialism, free market economies work through the recovery, the Flow, where opportunity once again abounds.

Study history and observe the current socialist disasters. Do not sell your future or the future of your nation to the backward bondage of socialism.

John Rose

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