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Never should a word such as polarized be able to define a union of people the way it seems to so well define our country in these trying times. As of late people of our society seem to be confined to a bubble of information tailored to their specific wants and desires. No longer are we forced to look to unbiased journalism for information.

This has caused a rift in our society that is causing great harm. In today’s technological world we like and share the endless political posts on social media. So quickly we post derogatory comments, directed without much thought. This form of media allows us to dictate what we see in a way never possible before.

What’s truly interesting is the shear disdain it seems both sides of the political isle have for each other. No respect or common ground seems to survive once we are all fueled up on our brand of specific media. How did we forget we are all brothers and sisters of the same union? Since when are we so self righteous that we feel entitled to say something so deeming to our republic as “not my president”? What a horrible thing to say. Even worse people will compare our president to very unsavory characters from history. This not only demeans all of us and our union but it undervalues the evil those historical figures possessed.

So fast to finger pointing some people have become. I’m not against calling out something that is doing wrong but I would prefer it if facts were used in the process. When did we forget all the lessons history has to offer or have we failed to teach them at all? Last week a letter to the editor suggested ending the manufacture of assault weapons would take them off our streets forever. I would question what about the estimated 8 million Ar-15’s and variants currently legally possessed in this country? We are failing our children, offering them not only no protection but posting welcome signs on school doors labeled gun free zones. Then when tragedy strikes we tell them to blame a piece of metal and plastic, seems a bit short sighted.

This sort of nonsense happens in government meetings. I have personally witnessed individuals make arbitrary decisions in government meetings based on social media and coffee shop banter. Often decisions being made are based on feelings or ideas without considering logic. Who’s accountable to good procedure and good policy when little to no public attend our government meetings? Time and time again I walk into a board room with little public participation unless there is a specific agenda item concerning those who do attend. I commend those few faces I do see on a continuous basis at meetings, you are champions of our free society and understand how our process of representative government operates.

There are many difficult topics we as a union need to address. We need to protect our children and work on common sense gun regulation. We need to address the welfare state and the war on drugs. We need to address the size and scope of our government. Reinstitute the concept of personal responsibility and help our people to find self worth. People who are productive find happiness. Our free society comes with costs that we need to keep in check but above all we need to remain free. Whoever you are and wherever you come from get busy making our world a better place.

We all know idle hands do the Devil’s work and the Devil wants us polarized.

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