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Con artist or conservative?

As a conservative I have many colleagues who are on the other side of the political spectrum. Some of my colleagues are very liberal, yet due to their good ethics and integrity we work together for the good of our constituents. This balance and transparency is what makes America great. There are however a growing number of groups who identify as conservatives, but are pushing policy that is anything but.

Why would a conservative push a clearly liberal agenda? Money seems to be the answer. Across our state, organizations with conservative in their title are accepting millions of dollars from left leaning organizations. Billionaire leftist elite donors trying to con you with their agenda by labeling it conservative.

Front and center at a state and county level these very organizations are trying to influence energy policies. The MCEF headed by Larry Ward and his leadership team are pushing liberal and tax dollar rich energy policies as conservatives. The MCEF has become so bold that they publicly support state green energy mandates. True conservative policy reduces government and promotes free market competition. Conservatives do not use tax dollars to subsidize energy creation and then force it on consumers with mandates. Keith den Hollander of the Christian Coalition of Michigan also pushes a tax rich energy policy as a religious obligation.

Many in our region find these individuals and their organization’s policy not only offensive, but dangerous to Michigan’s social fabric. Both Mr. Ward and Mr. Hollander wrote letters to local papers last year supporting Michigan Wind 3, one of the most aggressive land use projects ever proposed in Sanilac County. A project so smeared with conflict of interest, public corruption, and property right destroying zoning tactics it spent much of 2016 on the front page. What did we learn from this land use controversy? Well, it’s clear that Sanilac County residents are not easily fooled and won’t stand for corrupt public policy. Many phony conservatives were sent packing and their conflicted agendas shut down. So it seems that Larry and Keith showed their hands last year supporting a land use project that proved to be about as corrupt and non-conservative as it gets.

No real conservative will support technology that fails basic cost vs benefit analysis. The point here is that these organizations are trying to sell you something and they are willing to cross any line it takes to make the sale. In fact these crony energy policy makers have influenced officials in our own county. Multiple times so called conservative individuals in our local government have used and abused their positions to influence land use to propagate liberal ideology. This isn’t about liberal ideology vs conservatism, both have their merits and when proposed in a fact based ethical format they can balance each other. This issue stems from deceptive tactics and using a conservative front to sell liberal agendas.

Blurring the lines the voting public relies on hurts everyone and as the old saying goes, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. It seems to me that some of these organizations have taken notice of past weak responses to their deceptive tactics. I would like to remind these folks that you have been poking sleeping wolves, you would be wise to not wake them further. But that’s just my studied opinion.

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