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Prize money used for renovations

Dear Editor:

I recently entered a random drawing from Northstar Bank who was looking to reward a local business that was upgrading their services. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call that my name had been drawn.

The prize will be put toward renovating the current Sandtown Florist Shop building in downtown Sandusky. Carol is moving her flower business into the McNiven Building and will enjoy the view on M-46 to continue offering her creative skills.

I do not win things as a rule. I want to commend Northstar Bank for giving back to the community. It stimulates change. I will be handing the money off to some local builder, plumber, or business and that is how growth happens. Hope the energy continues to get our downtown back to being a destination it once was.

Steve Sheridan

Help needed with feral cats

Dear Editor:

The kitten season is here. All colors, all ages, the “cats” and kittens breed. Many are hungry, sick, but right there, bringing us new born beautiful babies.

Vacationers believe children, and allow their children will adore them. Then they are left behind. That’s where a phone call can make a difference on our part. After all, it is against Michigan law to abandon an animal.

In our lifetime, the answer was to get rid of these cats, kittens. We can look back. So drowning was the answer. The most logical no! It is unkind, it is suffering. It too, against the law. It is also ungodly and punishable.

For many years, after the Black Plague of the late 1800s, the cat population grew. The cat was worshipped in the Middle East before Christ. They protected, they were the greatest of hunters!

In Israel, cats became the worst of all. They were producing in the 1900s at a rate of thousands. A scientist discovered a birth reducing bill – along came a team of volunteers who fed the hungry feral food with the medicine. There are less on the streets of Israel.

In our situation? The worst of it all is before our hearts to fix. The best is not to ignore. Call Animal Control in Sandusky.

Our very own Humane Society is doing what needs to be done. They are facing ahead on what to do with the unwanted, the suffering. In the next year, I will personally try to begin a small class in the schools, at even the first year of learning, “How to be kind to animals.” Give me some help, a hand in my plight.

Mary Burdick
Lexington 810-359-7858

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