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Picnic a success

Dear Editor:

The 72nd Annual Sanilac County-Florida Picnic was recently held at Duff’s Original Buffet, Bradenton, Florida with 61 attendees present. A good meal was had by all and lots of visiting happened.

Dick Schmidt
Punta Gorda, FL

President Trump’s first year

Dear Editor:

President Trump’s first year in office has been nothing less than triumphant for the American people and businesses; we finally have a president of experience, character and leadership, someone with a backbone who’ll not be intimidated by rogue dictators and combative terrorists.

He loves this country; it’s middle-class, the veteran’s, business owners, our allies, and for the most part he’s reaching out to all Americans to help heal the great divide – extending an olive branch to all classes and cultures of people - to all branches of government.

He offers optimism and hope for this great country. The world at large celebrates and embrace’s his policies - they know that when America succeeds so do they!

The economy, the stock market, unemployment, the companies reinvesting in America are proof positive and self-evident that they believe in him and in his policies. We’ve already heard about Chrysler moving back to Michigan from Mexico, Apple’s 350 billion investment in America, 200 billion investment in Boeing, 50 billion in Exxon Mobile, Toyota and Honda are building plants in the south – just to name a few!

And endless small American companies are in a vast growth spurt and that is seen all over America. Walmart is increasing their hourly wage, Home Depot and AT&T (and several other companies) are issuing out bonuses. They see the hopeful optimism that Trump sees and they believe in him and his policies. All of America is witnessing this!

We now show that the black and Hispanic unemployment is the lowest its ever been on record; we see the hourly wage on the rise. We are witnessing large national companies giving increased wages and issuing bonuses to its employees. America has not seen this type of positive tax reform in decades on end, of which is exuberant in its origin.

Government’s red tape and the endless governmental regulations are being removed from the books – America and the world at large see this as a newfound freedom and believe in it. Trump sees the hope, promise and prosperity in America and is heading us in that direction. He plans on rebuilding America’s infrastructure of which has been decaying for decades, both sides should celebrate this investment. We see and hear all about the new expansions currently going on in Detroit – we haven’t seen that in decades! Detroit hasn’t had any building of significance in well over 30 years. It had an exodus.

The stock market has added gains that exceed 8 trillion dollars because of tax cuts, tax reform and deregulations. Our illegal border crossing has gone down substantially. He is deporting MS-13 gang members and hostile illegal immigrants back to the holes they crawled out of – of which they illegally came here from.

The mainstream media will not give him an ounce of credit for his accomplishments, they divert to lies and untruths in an effort to derail the good news that all Americans are witnessing. Most, if not all of the divisive, hostile, liberal news media is based on nothing more than rumors delivered by undisclosed resources and full of intimidation and hate. The democrats (gloom & doom) reject and hate anything he says or does. So if they hate him and his policies does that mean they also hate America?

If the liberal-democratic news media can sustain keep the incestuous infighting of politics in the center circle, then they’ve won, they have you where they want you, you are now on the real democratic plantation – kinda like an inescapable prison!

He’s constantly celebrated because he has the courage and fairness to call out the pompous, hateful and divisive fake news media, finally someone that can call a spade a spade – who’s remains unafraid!

Whether we want to admit it or not, America is on the verge of moving into one of the greatest expansion eras in the last 80 years, and look to what the main street media is trying to do to this progress for America.

Trump comes with honest, pragmatic optimism, delivered by his love and gratitude for this vast free land. He’s doing a stand-up job! He’s got my vote, my respect, my honor and my gratitude for staying in the arena and winning.

Michael Walsh

Community supports first aid training

Dear Editor:

Minden City Lions Pack 352 hosted a CPR/First Aid training day January 6, 2018 at the Deckerville Community School Cafeteria. A combination of scouts and community members were trained by the volunteer AHA instructors Kathy Laponsie, Jamie Fritz, Ryan Ramsey and our Den Leader.

Each child received a First Aid kit that they were trained in the use of during the class. This event would not have been possible without the support of our amazing community.

The following businesses were very generous in supporting this event: Deckerville Harbor Drug, Croswell Ehardt Pharmacy, Sandusky Sheldon Medical & Supply, Huron Memorial Hospital, Poison Control, Dr. Hamzavi-Fort Gratiot, Dr. Tim Thompson-Sandusky, Autumnwood of Deckerville, A&D Homecare-Pigeon, Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron, Sanilac County Health Department, Exchange State Bank, Team One Credit Union, Deckerville Hospital, and McKenzie Hospital.

A huge thank you to all this was an amazing event.

Patricia VanNorman, Den Leader
Pack 352

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