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Make the commitment
CARSONVILLE College student

It was a Tuesday afternoon around 4:30 and I was sitting in my last class, ready to be done so I could continue on with the rest of my day; work, club meeting, then homework, and if I’m lucky- a load of laundry or two. “Take out a piece of paper,” the professor says, ruining my feel-bad for myself moment as I think of everything I still have to do. He then says, “I want you to write down what your definition of success is.”

Well, I thought to myself, it’s being happy, living a life that makes you excited to get up most days, not too much. He then asked, “Would you consider yourself successful today?” I proceeded to write down yes on that paper, until I stopped myself for a second. I am so fast to believe that I am in fact successful, despite the fact that the way I live my life every day is hugely disconnected from my very own definition of success. I was happy, but far from living a life that made me excited for the next day. “Why is this?” I asked myself time and time again after class? I was involved in so many things, had great people in my life, and plenty to look forward to. What I was missing, however, was commitment.

Commitment is something we often use interchangeably with obligation. If we are committed to something we are stuck with it, forced to give up other things in order to fulfill whatever it is that commitment requires. How often do we associate our commitments with being a burden whether it be a meeting, relationships, our jobs? Maybe this is because these things are in fact not commitments, but rather interests. “Interest procrastinates, commitment focuses on what’s important. Interest makes excuses, commitment constantly finds new solutions.” In the same class that challenged my definition of success, this comparison was also presented to us. Are we putting off what we do at work, in our lives, and in our homes, or are we doing those things with purpose? Are we making excuses and dreading every day, or working continually to make each day better? If we are merely interested in our own lives, then being happy will continually be out of our reach.

How your time is spent, your reaction to situations out of your control, and the energy put into relationships and tasks is completely up to you. Nothing in my life had I done with a passion in a very long time. I was left feeling unhappy and unsuccessful, because I was going through life interested. Make the choice to be committed to the things that matter. Wake up and be committed to giving all that you have at work, at school, to your friends and family. When obligations turn to choices, the life you want to live is in your hands.

Success, happiness, interest, and commitment; all are related and the common link is you. For those of you that have found your place, passion, and happiness in life, I hope that you continue to fiercely pursue it. For those of you that haven’t, I want you to ask yourself, “Why not?” I still have a lot to learn about life, but in my opinion, you are responsible for yourself, your reactions, and your happiness. Be more than interested in our own lives. Be committed to everything you do, because in the end, it is worse to do something half-heartedly than to not do it all. I am guilty of it and we are all guilty of it. Make the commitment to be committed and live out your definition of success, today.

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